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Simeon Lozanov – Monyx was born in 1976 in Sofia. He debuted on the Bulgarian music scene in 1995 with the band “Kokomania” as its founder and guitarist. During the first six years Mariana Popova was the vocalist of the band and he wrote for her the songs “No end” and “You didn’t come” (which went directly into BG Radio’s chart “The greatest 1000”). In the next six years he wrote more songs for the new vocalist Boriana Dokle. 
After the group split in 2009, Monyx decided to start a solo project, which is in addition to being a guitarist and song writer.
In December 2009 he wrote his first single “Coffee is over”. The song is supported by close friends of Monyx. For the text he trusted Hristo Hristov, guitarist of PIF.

In February 2010 Monyx filmed the video for ‘Coffee Is Over’ with a team assembled by Adriana Yankulova. The video completes the emotion of the song. The video spread incredibly quickly from person to person among musicians and fans even before its official promotion. 
Monyx deals with music for 14 years, his involvement includes sound engineering and sound recording. Currently he is one of the most sought sound engineers for big concerts and studio recordings. While playing with his band Coco Mania, he absolutely refused to participate in other projects. After the dissociation of the group Monyx went through a difficult period, during which he almost gave up playing and sold his tools and equipment. ‘Coffee Is Over’ and his relatives changed these negative plans and inspired him for a different project. His debut single is so successful that it leaves no doubt that the new singer be noticed. A month after the video was recorded several music companies showed interest in him and after many meetings and conversations he chose to work with ‘Monte Music’. His choice of company, shooting crew, songwriter, musicians and assistants is influenced by the desire to start working with young, ambitious and contemporary-thinking people.

His first album “Coffee is over” was released in 2013 and it’s available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other digital stores.  The lyrics included in the album was written by Hristo Hristov & Svetoslav Todorov.

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